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Hippie Goddess Review

Reviewed: 2006-11-23
Quick site rank and complete review of Hippie Goddess | Categories: Amateur, Fetish

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bronze rank
Our Rating: 82/100

Quality of Content: 19/25

Purchase Value: 16/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 7/10

Content Variety: 7/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 9/10

Navigation: 4/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: no

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For HippieGoddess

User Rating: 53/100 - based on 604 votes.

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Tour Promises

Hippie Goddess promises well over 10,000 original Hippie Goddess nude and natural photos, with 6 monthly updates.

My Opinion About HippieGoddess

Update posted on : November 23rd, 2006 The good thing about Hippie Goddess is that the girls still haven't heard of the word razor! Of course, I would never expect them to, because a hippie is always supposed to be au natural! The one thing this site has over other hirsute sites is originality, so I am upping the score a bit. The keyword on this site is hippie and there remains a free flowing demeanour amongst these babes that you just don't find often enough.

I loved the astrological titles they give to their photo and video sets and the site now updates several times a month. Our main contention last time was variety. What I see almost two years later is certainly more content and, within its niche, more variety. I don't expect there to be indoor photo and video shoots on a site called HippieGoddess, and I was happy to not see any. I loved the variety of the now 864Kbps 480x360 .wmv movies (as opposed to .rm) containing hairy lovemaking. What I did not like about the pictures is that they are mainly long shots, particularly in a set called Aphyr and Ecko, but the site is doing different things including alternate locations from the fairy forest atmosphere to industrial locations giving the site an almost environmental movement appeal. There's still hairy pussy, but I didn't find there were enough close-ups in the photos or movies to satisfy me. Nonetheless, Greenpeace advocates who love porn can unite on Hippie Goddess. End of Update.

Original Review Follows : Celebrating the natural beauty of female body and presenting it to you in an artistic erotic way, is the goal of the site I am about to review today. HippieGoddess.Com smiles in the face of currently popular silicone models with colored hair and shaven bodies, and turns it's back to fashion trends by returning to the hippie ideals. None of the girls here shaves, majority of them have dreads and all of them follow the Hippie ideas. Oh, and ... this is not a porn site, but rather an erotic showcase of natural women.

I am sure you already have a good idea about the site, but let me make it clear at the beginning : this site is not for those of you, who like silicone models, pornstars or anything similar. On the other hand, if dancing naked in a forest, the sound of a drum, unshaven girls with dreads and anything that has to do with the Hippie culture raises your blood pressure, this is a site that you should enjoy.

The whole site design, including the free section, is kept very simply, without any special graphics or flashing stuff. Just like one would expect from a site like this. Despites the simplicity, it's quite easy to navigate the site and nobody should have problems with it. The main part of the site would be the "Main Gallery" section, offering a big number of various picture series. In total, there are close to 200 picture sets, totaling well over 10 000 exclusive pictures. I have been surprised by the quality of these photos - sizes vary a bit, but many are as big as 920*760 pixels and very clear, sharp and nicely shot.

Next area I checked out was the "Goodies Section", containing 5 video clips (downloadable RM files in quite good quality), some art work and a few screensavers. More artwork can be found in the "Abstract Art" section, which contains a nice collection of about 150 artificially retouched and enhanced pics. Some of them are really interesting and well executed, using different color manipulation and various artistic effects.

And now the most important part, the themes of the pics and videos. Like I mentioned at the beginning the site is is not pornographic, but rather erotic and artistic. Majority of the pictures are taken outdoors, often inside of a forest. As I expected, the pics are mostly featuring just one girl (solo posing), but there is also a decent number of girl-girl and boy-girl sets available. Every girl, or let me say hippie goddess, on this site is a typical representant of the hippie movement, often pierced, tatooed, wearing dreads (dreadlocks) and unshaven. The pics display various events - dancing, various nature rituals, fooling around or just posing ... not one of the sets I checked has been sexually explicit.

Site is updated every sunday, sometimes they add a special update or two - pretty standard frequency, although they could update more of course.

Final Verdict

HippieGoddess.Com is a nice and very focused site, with a decent amount of content available to it's members. Main content base of this site are pictures, but there are also some videos available. All the girls here look very natural, many of them also very hot and all I are unshaven. So if you are a hippie, love natural girls or you simply have the "hairy fetish", you should like this site.

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User Comments

flowers in my mind
2014 Jan 25, 05:33,
flowers in my mind
are easier to find
we must have killed someone
and that's fine

i saw you at the store
id like to see you more
im off i kill someone
for the score

im tickling your clit
you must be liking it
because you killed someone
that's the shit

the weather is so gay
in April and in May
the children killed someone
hey hey hey

and through the looking glass
my sister's naked ass
let's all go kill someone
lemon grass

if ever we should thirst
let's kill each other first
and then go kill someone
well rehearsed

i found this on the ground
and laughed for half a day
it's lemon and it's hay
im possessed

flowers in the snow
is where my poo-poo go
now my poo-poo smell like flowers
touch my balls

the stone ground camel
2014 Jan 11, 03:23,
so, there was some stones on the ground
and this camel came,
he was the stone ground camel

what, were you expecting shakespear?
you were, weren't you
i know you were, you
pocket pussy

you're a fucking pocket pussy and you know it
you're a pocket pussy in my pocket, and
I'm going to take you out of my pocket and
shake my spear in your soft warm quiver
by the river
because I'm a giver

UNH! UNH! Ahhh, yeah baby
you're my sweet pocket pussy and I'm
giving it to you in front of everybody
like the pocket pussy you are

and now I'm going to shit on you
there it is, look at you now
i took a big steaming camel shit on you

holiday song
2014 Jan 11, 03:22,
this lady climbed out of my tv screen

then she farted and died

beware of the immature lima bean

and dont ever take its side

or else you will summon beelzibub

and he will fondle your jesus

he'll tug at it gently

with sweet lovey-duby

and then you will say

merry christmas


I wanna wish you a merry christmas
I wanna wish you a merry christmas
I wanna wish you a merry christmas from the bottom of my heart

flores en mi mente
2014 Jan 11, 03:21,
my body and the waves
the sand beneath my feet
the soft breeze on my face
the summer air

two hours drive away from city
remote, serene, the seashells pretty
tiny seashell on my nose
tiny sand grains in my clothes
grandma looks at me and begs
slides her hand between her legs
I'm 13, don't you think it's wrong?
not when it makes a pretty song
just take it off
go for a swim
before the sunshine starts to dim
i'm happy now i'm in your eye
where i will stay and watch you die
so throw your shoe so i can laugh
and cut my sweet mangos in half
destruction is all i can see
the tiny seashells ecstasy
the tiny bubbles fishes blow
the spasms in your tiny toe
that hides inside the hidden crease
just live for free like ducks and geese
you ugly, sick pathetic flab
don't ride the bus, please
take a cab
back to your town
and leave me here
the crickets singing in my ear
the sweet love flowing in my blood
just get me high and chew the cud
of what those people think they know
they all have ways to say hello
like hey and yo and ding and how
like Donovan tell you right now
the tiny seashell crack in two
and damn you for the thing you do
and damn you for the thing you don't
and damn you for the thing you won't
and damn you for the thing you have
to navigate your ruined path
in lonliness and misery
to leave us lost and drowned at sea
but bubblegum will see us through
we'll masturbate in church with you
old lady of equator charm
come stradle me and fuck my arm
when pastor sees my penis hard
he'll bow his head and praise the lard
until he vomits up the salt
he sucked that morning from my malt
and as it drizzles from his chin
they say o hell, the pastor's in
then i return to comb the sand
the tiny seashells in my hand
to trade them for a mind at peace
to live for free like ducks and geese
those ducks, their dicks are really long
have you seen them when they're turned on
you'll blow your load to show respect
or i will slap you like a bitch

oh praise the holy holy blob
oh praise the slimy mucus glob
all full of glitter that i chose
to snot upon the holy rose
now say vagina twenty times
until you hear the tingling chimes
of sweet vagina in the breeze
lets rub vagina on our knees
til we're so hot we have more friends
to sell our skin pics on the web
while pastor jizzes in his place
lets rub vagina in his face
and then say grace unto our host
vagina custard
tubby toast

vagina this vagina that
vagina dog vagina cat
vagina day vagina night
vagina dark vagina light
vagina north vagina south
vagina nose vagina mouth


vagina vagina vagina.


i hear the dogs crying
2014 Jan 11, 03:20,
i hear the dogs crying
you're eating my lunch
i hear my mom lying
it's time for the punch
i killed you at fleetwood
we ate hummus wraps
we pissed off the waitress
by paying with pennies
i dropped lsd
and i floated away
laughing hysterically
at melanie safka
your girlfriends best friend
cracked your skateboard in half
on top of your head
on an indians birthday
where is the devil
hes sucking my dick
while i laugh at john denver
asleep on the couch
and since we're all figments
of your gay ideas
o pickle juice papa
youre next on the blacklist


i killed you
i killed you
i killed you again

go fuck your pinata
cuz its full of candy
you mexican fuckup
i killed your whole family
i hear the dogs fucking
your fathers dead body
the stagefucking ladies
are breathing his doodie
now lost in the ocean
i ride with the dolphins
and when i kill fuckups
i say the word dolphin
the plastic and porcelain
the makeup and whoreskin
we're in this museum
to hypnotize children
a pelican standing
serene on the bay
a dolphin is playing
guitar like your mother
while slapping your butt
with his rubbery penis
paul simon says nonsense
like, hello lamp post

my tie is a dick
2014 Jan 11, 03:19,
my tie is a dick
check it out, my dick is hanging from my neck, wtf
and everyone i thought respected me were really just sucking my dick
jesus christ, my tie is a dick
dear God in heaven,
my tie is a dick
like, all this time I didn't realize
that i cut my dick off
and hung it from my neck
because other dupes around me were doing it
and i just figured thats what i was supposed to do
but now that i know
my tie is a dick
my tie is a dick
and everybody can see my dick
everybodys been looking at my dick this whole fucking time
because my tie is a dick
ive been walking around with my own dick on my chest
titty fucking myself in public
and thinking im superior
my tie is a fucking dick, dude
my tie is a dick

this whole fucking time
i'm going to work with this thing, and
asking my kids how i look, and
thinking im a faithful husband, and
a Christian, and

my tie is a dick

i got dicks hanging in my closet
i got one for every coworker in the lunchroom
that guy that just walked down the sidewalk
i have his dick in my closet
he's my best friend
i wonder if he knows his tie is a dick
i wonder if he cares
about my dick
and its tie
to his dick
i'm addicted to another mans dick
because my tie is a dick
and my dick is erect
for other men
that are all dicks
because their ties are dicks
my dick is erect for other men, because
my tie is a dick, and
I'm a dick, because
my tie is a dick, and
my dick is a tie, and
i'm fucking your eye, and
a dick in the sky, and
now I know why, and
I'm eating some pie, and
some pies on my tie, and
i lie with a guy
sucking pie off my tie
thats really my dick
while he has to deny
that thats really whats sick
and maybe you think its funny
when your kids die of Aids
you stupid fucking mormon

in Jesus name


2014 Jan 11, 03:18,
i like to write poetry
if you can tell
i write too much poetry
now i'm in hell
oh well

marijuana is legal in denver
2014 Jan 11, 03:18,
marijuana is legal in denver
thanks to john denver
so smoke marijuana
and listen to john denver
in denver

i don't smoke marijuana anymore
but i still listen to john denver
so i'll still be here
when you sober up
listening to john denver

and marijuana will still be here
if you want it

mountain momma

my tie is a dick (japan)
2014 Jan 11, 03:17,
my tie is a dick, see
dixieland fixiegland
fucking panda poop in my yoohoo
yoohoo! yoohoo!
I'm fucking my mother, yoohoo!
I'm fucking your mother, yoohoo!
I'm over here, sucking your tie, guy.
I'm pulling dicks out of my eyes and selling them to you as ties
wtf, dude, wtf
fuck you
I hate you (expressed as queerly as possible)
fuckin' smoking orangutan, you're naked
I'm superior because I'm wearing a dick
I get pussy with this dick, I should be killed, shouldn't I?
yeah, give me your attention
I deserve it
cuz my tie is a dick
the first time is always
um, the most embarassing, but then
you get used to it, and
you don't consider the repercussions of tearing your dick off and
wearing it as a christmas ornament
anymore, it just becomes sublimated and
accepted as part of the scenery
the diarrhea is spilling all over the streets and
those japanese chicks adopt the problem as their new comedy routine, and
it's overlooked
it's in the chicken, so what
it taste like chicken
its chickendick diarrhea

cdd, its the new cure
for add
two plus two is lack of interest, see
attention deficit, yeah
force your interests on me, faggot
lets see if youre woman enough
i got my own scripture and
I'm gonna baptise your dead mother with my dick
in front of you, church perch
you fuckin stool pigeon sitting duck puckeryuck motherfuck cluckettyclucka
dick diarrhea

i know you're ogling my dick diarrhea chicken
i know

knowing jesus
2014 Jan 11, 03:16,
one day i was walking alone in the park
and i saw jesus
he was feeding some ducks
with a loaf of stale wonderbread
i didnt know who he was at first
and i was like ''hey man nice robe''
he was like, ''thanks. im jesus, by the way. jesus christ.''
''sweet'', i said, ''youre that guy that
shows people the way, right?''
he was like, ''nah, i dont do that gig anymore.
i found out it gave me more pleasure to just be
some random wierdo in the park.''
''thats nifty,'' i said, ''so um,
you wanna fool around?''
''ok,'' he said, ''my picnic blanket and
tea set are over by that tree
and i was like, ''yeah some people said
they found you, and
their lives were forever changed n stuff.
you must be pretty good at what you do.''
''well,'' he said, ''i generally just sort of
make an effort to fulfill peoples needs, and
its gotten me along spiritually to some extent''
''but its always about them isnt it,'' i said,
'' no one ever asks you what youre into, right?''
''yeah, wow. exactly. its like,
why bother if i cant have an identity too.
why is the son of god everyones bitch?''
''maybe i need someone to be MY bitch, for christs sake.''
''for real, dog'' i said, ''people should recognize''.
''yeah. Fuck yeah,'' he said, ''you, ..you got the
book, bro. And youre cute.''
''i know,'' i said, ''i see you ogling my tight little
butt through my bluejeans. How about a good
hot spanking. For all the bitches.''
and i laid across his lap
and wiggled it a little
and his dick got hard under mine
and then i wiggled it a little more
and before i knew what was happening, my pants were on my ankles
and jesus was whaling away
like there was no tomorrow
and i was like
Lord of Lords
and hes like, ''Ahh, yeah bitch, thats my Name
dont *whack!* wear *whack!*
it *whACK!* OUT! *WHACK!!*
and the harder he hit me, the better it felt
because, you know, it was Jesus
and, i had a cold that morning
and a hangnail, and
i was CURED, and my acne was gone
and, i knew algebra
and now i was totally a believer, because
now he was fondling my balls so gently
and lovingly
that i fell in love with jesus
and accepted jesus into my heart
without condition
because i knew he was jesus
and trusted my nutsack in him
with all of my nutsack
in his hands
and i positioned myself
and he opened his robe
so he could fuck my buttcheeks
while rubbing on my nutsack, with his
and after engaging this experience to our satisfaction,
i turned around
and gazed into his eyes
and i said
''im so happy youre in my life
knowing youll never leave me,
or forsake me,
whatever that means, you know
but anyway, i really want you to know
that if you ever want to fuck me in the ass
im here for you
you dont even have to ask, you know
just drop a rohibinol in my san pellegrino
and tear it to shit''
and then jesus looked into my eyes with
um.. his eyes
and his eternal love
for me and only me
''seriously,'' he said ''youre the only real person
in my life. all these other retards that think
theyre praying to me, they
can go fuck their battery operated mothers
with their scuba gear in the septic tank''
and then he pulled me close and
stuck his tongue down my throat
and we kissed and fucked
until some cops showed up
and Jesus was like ''thats not going to work this time pal''
and he took their guns out of their hands
and splattered their brains on the ground
and we fucked their bodies
and ate their brains
and fucked and kissed some more
and you dont have to be a christian
to love jesus, you know
i mean, if you love Nancy,
are you a Nancian?
''hey, wait a minute'' jesus said,
''Im a Nancian''
and then he pulled out his cell phone
and called his friend Nancy
and i was like ''i thought i was the only..''
''Shutup, you were, now Im calling Nancy
and we're having a threesome, okay?''
and i was like ''is she down with this dead cop brains eating thing?''
''I dont know,'' he said, ''she likes to watch
dudes fuck each other in the ass, so we'll give
her the benefit of the doubt.''

the sand and the rain
2014 Jan 11, 03:16,
the sand and the rain
when the day is high
like pie is your gain
and that guy over there
he's pouring some wine
hey, lets kill a christian
he's selling some art
hey, lets smell ourselves

when i ash on the ground
and track dogshit on my bare mattress
the rooster is asleep
in my photograph

well, chicken is tastey
and you know it
so let's eat it
it tastes like chicken

the sphynx is no longer a mystery
because Jesus shit on your history
then I made up a word, it's pistory
now it's written on your shopping listory

you wish, i'll never buy california
because the word forn is in it
and thats gay and also lame
and no, i didn't just buy it by giving it attention
i just destroyed it, dumbass
it'll never come back
the state is called dogabonia now
san fransisco dogabonia, here i come

this girl at thepoetryforum.co.uk
said she was frustrated
seeing me mock her beloved art form
i said, hey you're full aware
my post is in the right area
and you don't have to look at it
so go fuck yourself, contstanks

then this other cube shows up, talking shit
and I railed his asshole with a twelve foot solid aluminum harmonica
then administration came and banned me
for having the intelligence to return personal attacks
said I couldn't come back for a year
as if

dude's like, she's a nineteen year old girl
well, if she's old enough to talk shit in adult
she can have her face torn off and fed back to her in a dogbowl
like everyone else
and since you're so stupid to flatter yourself
i will, in fact, return
to raid all the good poetry
from your faggot mormon dating site
now it's mine

and now I have something
to fill all these journaling notebooks
my impulse shopping friend dumped on me

i'm raiding your graves, losers
i'm building castles for the true poets
and you can all drown in velveeta
while jacking off to Tony Danza

praise the lord

look at my dick
2014 Jan 11, 03:14,
look at my dick
there it is, all over the internet
and the rain and the sun
and the sand and the ocean

look at my dick
i'm making a sandwich
avocado and cow tongue
i love mexico

look at my dick
you fatass
this is what you get
for taking my foreskin, God

and the flowers
and the moss
and the wild blueberries
the serene guitar music
the sweet melody of adoration
for my dick
and for all the good things in life
my dick

my big shiny dick
my slimy throbbing dick
my generous homewrecking dick

kiss my dick
when a man speaks the words
that you disagree with

kiss my dick
its good for you

kiss it again
massage it gently with your asscrack

look what you've done

you just wiped your ass on my dick

i met a girl
2014 Jan 11, 03:13,
i met a girl
with fifty tits
upon each tit
was fifty zits
within each zit
a glob of cheese
that squirted out
when she would sneeze
i canned the stuff
and soon got rich
due to my well thought sales pitch
which stated "this nutritious stuff
will build you bones
and make you tough"
so everyone across the land
went to the store
and bought a can
they spread it on their morning toast
the fad spread fast
from coast to coast
but soon i tired
of this old chore
and all the sneezing
made her sore
so we shook hands
and parted ways
thus ending our
tit zit cheese days

forty lbs of pennies
2014 Jan 11, 03:12,
i remember when the world turned pink
and forty pounds of pennies
were skipped across the wishing fountain
watching pretty girls

we never got to know them
and you married a fat retard
but i still kept the dream alive
in poetry and music

you wiped your ass on our landlords towels
and made them burn their incense
while my tshirt said shit happens
in twenty known religions

i drank powdered whey protein
we hiked miles with our laundry
the cops wrote tickets on our smokes
because we were just minors

the air filled globe of earth we bounced
and broke our chandellier bulbs
the flag we hung inverted
we then vandalized and burned

our sofa from the alley
that we used to stash our boogers
the vendor gave us free hot dogs
because we had no money

and everyone you hated
so i had to pay my bus fare
by selling all my property
my music and my bike

my jewelery and nintendo
my vcr and writings
but you know i forgive you
cuz i got you in the end

you'll always be a loser
'til you're finally a stiffy
ungrateful for my company
of hostile maliced sickness

your memory is bullshit
and no one will remember
ungrateful for your company
you died in Arizona

I write my poems on thank you cards
while lost in taylor county
my monster beverage baseball cap
is too small for my head
I wash my mouth with Listerine
so I can save the future
the turkeys bite my fingers off
inside their little daydreams
we looked around for new ideas
you died a slave to cookies
i flushed the toilet til it flushed
cuz i respect the system

you're naked on the web now
you're killing all the children
to see just what you wanted
to have your tastey cookies
we'll never be together
cuz now we have diseases
I write to you on get well cards
although i know its useless
i have a week to finish this
the remnants of my family
and when i'm done I'll burn the dolls
they left inside my playroom

and all the books you gave me
and all your corny sitcoms
i'll drizzle them with butter
and feed them to the pig

the fan blade makes the air move
and mercury makes spaceships
you fly away inside them
while fingering your yayas
and while i watch on youtube
i play with my badoinga
hey baby lets play jenga

2010 Jan 23, 08:04, UK
This site shows women as they are naturally, why there's this obsession with removal of bodily hair - I heard a teenaged girl say to her companion - referring to my wife's armpits - "ugh, it's so unnatural" - and then plaster themselves in all sorts of chemicals to remove hair, disguise their natural scents, prevent sweat surfacing - and consider that is natural?

2007 Nov 15, 13:54, Ind
The review is not up to date what concerns the screenshots and sample pics. There are decisive new and wunderful series.
true, it's not porn but erotic. but that there would be no close-ups is wrong. But in part it's a bit kitschy and hokey. Fotos could be larger finally!
Can't help but dreadlocks are sexy.

2007 Apr 11, 15:54, italy
I'm 18, and a totally closeted and inexperienced lesbian. And i feel i can't relate at all to the siliconed, high heels models i see on the majority of sites. The girls here on HippieGoddess look like the ones i can figure my first time with!

2007 Feb 04, 19:57, brazil
this is the best erotic site in the world. the only with hippie unshaved girls.

2006 Dec 03, 17:03, Georgia
The women in Hippie Goddess are in my opinion, awsome ! They are so wholesome, beautiful and sexy. Where were these women when I was younger ?

2006 Nov 25, 23:35, thailand
pls show some of your best porn pictures u boasted in

2006 Aug 19, 19:03, oh
You shoul add a personals section!!

2006 Aug 08, 22:24, uk
Love hairy girls!!! Wish they would show their butts more though and do more anal!

2006 Jul 29, 22:39, PDX
Worth a re-review, we have added alot and update more often now!!

2006 May 23, 10:39, selkirk manitoba
this is the first site ive been to iand i think its a cool site

2006 Mar 14, 04:55, az
Apart from all the bodily hair what turns me on the most is hairy toes and feet

2006 Mar 06, 16:48, sc
GREAT site! Totally hippieliscious!!

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